Text encryption software

Need to protect the privacy of your text information? Using encryption software you can easily encrypt your sensitive data to safely store it on the computer, send it in emails or transfer it in any other ways.
When you choose encryption software, first of all check for the features that you really need depending on if you need to encrypt the entire disk, emails, files, etc. The more options encryption software offers, the more complicated it is. So encryption software specifically designed for email encryption is much easier than file encryption software that supports email encryption by transforming emails into files.
To simplify text encryption some encryption tools support hotkeys amd allow users to use the default password for quick encryption and decryption option.
Choosing encryption software pay attention if it provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to encrypt text only, or you can also individual files as well as encrypt all the contents of a folder. It will be useful if text encryption software supports a quick way to call up program’s functions and hotkeys, does not require you to deal with cutting and pasting text.